Walk in the country

In the Moravian-Silesian region you can find remarkable wooden buildings, marvellous castles, historical towns and unique technical monuments. Specific natural conditions including the climate and iodine-bromine water enabled origin of numerous balneal centres which are nowadays famous even beyond the boundaries of the Czech Republic. The gorgeous scenery of the Beskydy Mountains and Jeseník Mountains invites for both the various sports activities and pleasant relaxation. The Jeseník Mountains with the highest peak Praděd (1 491 meters above sea level) are the second highest mountain range in the Czech Republic. This is a territory that is mainly woody even untouched with many national parks such as waterfalls of Bílá Opava, peat bog Rejvíz, stalactite and stalagmite cave, dead volcano at Bruntál and other. The Sovinec Castle returns you back to the past centuries. If you feel your vitality is lost you can find it back in the romantic mountain town Karlova Studánka, the spa areal of which is a unique wooden architectonic complex. The Beskydy Mountains will astonish you by fascinating forest hillsides, typical mountain architecture, numerous wooden churches and clearings taking turns with forests. Lysá hora (Lysá mountain) is the highest peak of the Beskydy Mountains (1 323 m n. m.), and from its peak you can encounter an amazing sight of the surroundings. The small town Hukvaldy does not only have a majestic dominant feature – the ruin of the greatest Moravian castle of this day but it is also a birthplace of the famous composer Leoš Janáček. Along the Odra River in a captivating river flood-plain with unique flood-plain forests, wetland meadows and the system of ponds you can find a territory that is well-preserved from the point of view of the landscape. This territory runs through the Moravian Gate to the Ostrava Region – the Odra Valley (Poodří) Protected Landscape Area. The forests embedded in the floral carpet awaking in the spring, the river lazily hurtling in the summer, and the autumn pond fishing – all this co-creates a non-interchangeable picture of a sound and vivid landscape. This region is ideal for hiking and bicycle touring. And people loving the historic landmarks do not come off badly as well since they can come to visit the castles at Kunín and Bartošovice or make a tour in the municipal monumental preserves at Nový Jičín, Příbor and Štramberk..