Welcome Olbramice

The village of Olbramice (in German Wollmersdorf) is located in the Ostrava-town region, Moravian-Silesian region close to the spa town of Klimkovice.

Olbramice can be found in the foothills of the Vítkovská pahorkatina. The border of the cadastre is formed by the small rivers Sezina and Polančice. The village of Olbramice forms a border with the villages of  Zbyslavice, Lubojaty-Lhotka, Bravantice, Josefovice, Klimkovice and Hýlov. This village together with the local part of Janovice has a cadastral surface area of 539 ha.

The first mentions attesting to the existence of the village of Olbramice allegedly date already from the 14th century. At that time the village belonged to the dukes Přemek and Václav. Till the year of 1573 when it was bought by the family of Bravantský from Chobřany and when the Bravantský founded the Manor of Bravantice the part of which was formed by the village of Olbramice until the decline of feudalism, the village had replaced several owners. Afterwards the village belonged alternately under the administration of Klimkovice and Opava. During the period from 1896 to 1960 the village belonged to the region of Bílovec and then to the region of Nový Jičín. In the year 1994, Bravantice became independent. Since 2003 the village has had been maintained under the region of Nový Jičín from the territorial point of view; however Ostrava becomes the administrative authority.
The village of Olbramice is of „German type“ with family houses and gardens.

In 1750 Olbramice together with the neighboring village of Zbyslavice decided to build an originally Gothic church. In 1865, the patroness Marie, countess Blücher from Wahlstatt had the church extended and modified in the baroque style. On the place of the wooden roof the vaulting has been built. The building has been elongated and the tower and sacristy were added. Nowadays the Church of St Bartoloměj is protected as cultural monument. In 1900 the both villages built a parsonage.

The school building was erected in 1820. A hundred year later the school was extended to two classrooms and several years later another floor was added  At present the building serves both as the kindergarten and the elementary school as well.

The village has also its library, fire station, municipal authority and community center, large football field and small playground called as a (Centre of leisure time) and a pond. The lands of the JZD (Unified Farmers´ Cooperatives) established in the village in 1951 have been integrated into the ZD Slezan Klimkovice (Agricultural Farm). Since 1946 Olbramice has had its electric network installed, since 1972 it has had its public water main and the gas distribution system since 1997.

This territory is the beginning of the natural park called Oderské Hills.

In Olbramice there are several local associations working that see to the spare time activities of children and youth, pensioners or other citizens.

Olbramice also has the citizen-action public called Slunečnice (Sunflower) the aim of which is to offer a high-quality program to children and youth related to the utilization of leisure time activities and to involve the children ´s parents in the activities within the frame of school as well as in the out-of-school activities. The Slunečnice has been working ceaselessly since 2001.

The local club of pensioners that started its activities in 2000 organizes a lot of social and touristic activities for its members. At present this club has 45 members.

The village has also its gym association – TJ Sokol Olbramice the main content of which is soccer.

The Brigade of voluntary fire –fighters has been operating in the village since 1946. At present this brigade also includes the group of young fire-fighters that was founded in 2007 and a competitive team of men. Besides the fire works the brigade also organizes some cultural events..